Idris Elba Is On The Gran Turismo 7 Soundtrack

Giving away your vocals Gran Turismo 7 soundtrack,

Idris Elba appears as a performer on The FaNaTiX’s “Vroom”. The track is featured in the new Music Rally game mode and appears at the start of the game. Although the titles of the songs are displayed on the screen, they appeared during the race in wet conditions, and by focusing on the drive, I skipped them. I was driving down a rain-slick section of Tokyo Highway when Elba’s verse burst out of my headphones and I had to take my attention away from the race to listen to it.

Idris Elba is not the same Gran Turismo 7 the only big name on the soundtrack.

British rock band Brings Me The Horizon contributed the instrumental song “Moon Over The Castle” to the soundtrack. You can hear it here (). British rock band Nothing But Thieves also released a new track for GT7 titled “Life Goes Slowly”

Full Gran Turismo 7 The soundtrack will be available when the game launches worldwide on March 4th. You can listen to an excerpt from the soundtrack in the YouTube embed above. You can hear most of these songs in the Musical Rally game mode if you prefer your races to feel like a serene Sunday ride.

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