‘In The Dark’ Is A New Puzzler Releasing For The Game Boy

Image: Bitmap Soft / Nintendo Life

The humble Game Boy simply refuses to die, and we are very happy about that. A new handheld console game is coming soon, courtesy of retro publisher Bitmap Soft, with sales due to start later this week.

In the darkness is a puzzle game where the main goal is simple: turn off all the lights. Represented in a 3×3 grid format, turning each light on or off will change the state of all lights surrounding it.

The game features sci-fi storytelling supporting 100 story mode puzzles, as well as a random mode that boasts over 500 possible puzzle combinations.

Here is a list of game and product features from Bitmap Soft:

– Story mode with 100 progressively more difficult puzzles.
– With over 500 possible puzzle combinations, random mode offers countless hours of random fun!
– Unlockable palette options.
– 3-5 hours of game play with high replay value!
– Super Game Boy support with custom SGB border!

– Professionally made box
– In the dark on the cartridge in the dust collector
– Black shell
– Full color manual
– Played by Brian Taylor and Tom Lockwood

If you’re not quite ready to pay money for the physical version of the game, Bitmap Soft says that the free digital rom will be available two weeks after the start of sales.

Will you buy In the Dark for the Game Boy? Let us know about it in the comments!

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