Inscryption’s Kaycee’s Mod expansion will be released on March 17

Polygon’s 2021 Game of the Year is getting new content. recording new Kaycee’s Mod expansion is coming to the game on March 17th, publisher Devolver Digital. announced on Tuesday.

Kaycee’s Mod expands on the Game’s Act I, a deck-building card game played in a very spooky house and turns it into a roguelike in its own right. Although the original game looks like this, a few twists and turns take it in a much broader direction. But after seeing the positive response the card game and atmosphere of the section received, developer Dan Mullins decided to turn the segment into his own. native mode. The mini-expansion appears to take place exclusively in Leshy’s hut, but given the original game, it’s hard not to wonder if it might also contain a few secrets.

For those who haven’t played the entire original game, Casey’s name may seem like a mystery. But based on RecordingCasey was the programmer for the in-universe version of Recording who discovered that there is a dark secret behind the game. According to lore, she created a mod of the game in order to reveal these secrets, where this “mod” may have come from. But it is not entirely clear whether these secrets will actually be present here or not.

Kaycee’s Mod will be available for free to anyone who owns Recording on Steam. It was previously available in beta.


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