Intel’s new mining chip should tempt miners away from gaming GPUs

Last month, Intel laid out plans to enter the cryptocurrency mining market.

A blog post from Raja Koduri of the company mentions an upcoming. Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) called Bonanza Mine (BMZ2). Whose design appears to be coming to fruition right now.

Cryptocurrency mining has become somewhat of a trend lately and is undesirable for most of the gaming community.

Everyone and their moms have been setting up a crypto wallet. And using their gaming GPUs to earn some extra bucks. A trend that has been met with much disdain by everyone who is having trouble getting GPUs due to the current inventory shortage. In addition, there is an extreme side of things, for example, people build mining farms in the back of expensive cars “just to annoy gamers.” But big companies have picked up on this trend and are cashing in on it, which sounds pretty dystopian but could actually mean good things for us gamers. Our friends in Tom’s equipment  An SEC filing was recently uncovered that describes the price and performance of a second-generation BMZ2 bitcoin mining device that Intel is planning, and looks like it will be one of the most efficient and low-cost cryptocurrency mining kits ever to hit the market. .

The listing states that the device has an efficiency rating of 135 TH/s at 26 J/TH

And a power rating of 3510 W, as further calculated by Tom’s Hardware. This makes BMZ2 15% more efficient than BMZ2’s main competitor, Bitmain S19. And while it’s not as capable as the market-leading Bitmain S19j Pro, it only costs $5,625 – about half its price.

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The Bitmain S19j Pro often sells for around $10,455,

Although that price tends to fluctuate quite a bit. SEC listing comes from one of Intel’s top partners, crypto-mining startup GRIID, meaning custom designs of Bonanza Mine systems with varying performance and price are likely to come from companies like BLOCK. Obviously, GPU stock has been affected by the recent cryptocurrency mining boom, but Intel’s entry into the crypto arena provides more hope for a rather grim situation for GPU stock. It’s hard to say how big the difference is, but with hardware like this, there’s less chance of your next GPU ending up in the hands of Bitcoin farmers.

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