Intel’s Project Endgame could be a PC streaming service beyond just gaming

Back in February, Intel held an online investor briefing to layout plans for the future. Intel talked a lot about the future of CPUs and GPUs and briefly mentioned something called Project Endgame. At the time, I assumed it was now something like Nvidia’s GeForce, and with the upcoming release of the Arc GPU, we have a bit more clarity.

Lisa Pierce of Intel wrote a Blog post answering some burning questions coming up for launch, and one of them was about the mysterious Project Endgame, although it’s still a little vague. It looks like we’re not far off in a game streaming comparison, although this could go a little further.

“Intel is committed to lowering the barriers that can sometimes make gaming difficult today. Game compatibility issues, long load times, high-performance variability, and frequent fixes and updates are just some of them. Addressing these challenges requires investment and innovation in software technologies such as cloud computing. and global services. Pierce explains in the post. Project Endgame sounds similar, but it could have a wider scope beyond games. This means that we could see applications for complex calculations without the need for a computer that can process them. Artists could rent something to run their favorite programs.

If the price is friendly enough, that’s exactly what I was hoping to see, based on the initial presentation, which seemed to hint at such use. Computing power has become affordable, especially for people who may be hobbyists or don’t use it all the time.

This is still just another speculation based on the information that Intel puts out. Given that it was answered before the Arc presentation on the 30th, perhaps then we will know more specific information about the new service.

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