Bundle for Ukraine gives you 800 games for $10 charity donation Bundle for Ukraine gives you 800 games for $10 charity donation

More than 700 game developers have pooled nearly 1,000 $10 games to support two charities helping civilians in besieged Ukraine.

The DRM-free package for Ukraine, available until Friday, March 18, also includes several top-notch full-length indie games in its massive catalog. Includes last year’s skateboard (which launched on Xbox Game Pass); Kingdom of the Two Crowns; outstanding puzzle game Baba is you; Award winning platformer of 2018 Celeste; and indie basics super hexagon as well as Very hot.

There are 566 more video games, as well as 317 board game rule sets, 22 digital books, 10 soundtracks, nine comics, and other downloads. The minimum donation is $10; gun house However, the developer Necrosoft Games, which hosts the Bundle for Ukraine, is calling for more than this amount to be donated.

“We have kept the bare minimum, but we strongly encourage you to pay above the bare minimum if you can afford it,” the studio said. “All proceeds will be split 50/50 between charities.”


Most (515) video games are available for Windows PC. There are 286 and 228 games for Mac and Linux, respectively, with the rest available in the browser or on Android devices.

Two beneficiaries Children’s voices as well as International Medical Corps. Children’s Voices is a Ukrainian organization that helps children cope with the trauma of war, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other child-specific issues. The International Medical Corps provides medical assistance to the region. Necrosoft notes that their fundraising overhead is 1% of the charity’s income, with only 10% of that income going to administration.

In about eight hours of Availability Bundle for Ukraine is already over 75% on track towards its $1M goal, with over 53,000 members contributing an average of around $15 each. The maximum individual contribution is currently $1,694.20.

Brandon Sheffield of Necrosoft announced last week that he was organizing the package. “We support Ukrainians and all people around the world who despise war,” Necrosoft wrote on the package page. All products in the bundle are available for direct download from

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