It’s $500 USD more to make Apple’s $1,600 monitor height adjustable

It’s time to scratch Apple’s head once again for at least one strangely expensive item after the product announcement. One minute we could be overwhelmed by powerful new chips that could promise a better future for upcoming games, and the next minute Apple could be charging $400 for a monitor stand. And it is.

The newstudio display looks pretty impressive, especially for creatives looking for an Apple screen.It’s amazing that this stand can be $500 better than the one that comes with the kit. Especially considering that the only additional functionality is the height adjustment of the monitor.

You can get a height-adjustable monitor for less, and we have some great recommendations when it comes to gaming monitors. Or use an old phone book? Do people still have this right? However, it looks like Apple is appreciating what should be a pretty standard feature.

And it’s pretty familiar. In 2019, Apple released a $999 booth that everyone laughed at back then too. Perhaps the company is betting that it feels cheap by comparison, but it’s still hard to swallow.

More recently, there have been oddly expensive wheels for the latest Apple tower, and even a $19 microfiber cloth for a few inches of cloth. Luckily, those prices shouldn’t be a concern, since no one plays on a Mac, according to Intel.

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