Japanese Commenters React To Nintendo’s Kyoto Headquarters

If you have been to Kyoto, you may have traveled to Nintendo headquarters—at least stand outside the gate.

The building is no longer new. However, a recent thread on 2vp Japan’s largest online message board took time to react to – and sometimes fry – Nintendo headquarters.

Channel 2’s theme is “Nintendo Headquarters in Kyoto lololololololololo”. Below is a selection of comments:

“It’s simple and cool.”

“Looks like a prison.”

“Looks like a box.”

“Looks like a GameCube.”

“The headquarters of Koei Tecmo is cool. Please take a look at it on Google Maps.”

“Sometimes foreigners take pictures in front of the sign.”

“It’s cool when the logo lights up [at night].”

“If you go there, you’ll be surprised that it’s in a hard-to-reach place.”

“Instead of being in this industrial area, they should move to the Sakyo area or the Kita area.” (Ginkaku-Ji, or Silver Pavilion Temple, and Heian Shrine are located in Sakyo. Kinkaku-Ji, or Golden Pavilion, is in the Kita area.)

“It’s like a house you would build on time in mine craft.”

“You can see it from the Kyoto tower.”

“The surroundings are nothing like Kyoto and disappointing.”

“Something dim.”

“If you walk by on the weekend, the lights are still on in the office, and there’s this dark feeling of desperation.”

“It’s like the house I built when I first started playing mine craft.”

“Make something kids can look at and admire.”

“Seems to be clean and tidy.”

“It’s not like Kyoto at all.”

“Make it out of bricks.”

“Every day, I walked in front of him.”

“It’s boring, just like the games they make.”

“I went to university in Kyoto and have never been here.”

This seems to upset the foreigners.


“The companies that made PS5 and Xbox are much more stylish.”

“Looks like a library, which is good.”

“It’s scary that there’s nothing around [the company].”

“Isn’t he so tall because he is in Kyoto?” (Some parts of Kyoto have rules regarding the height of buildings.)

“Because it’s modern, it’s good.”

“There is really nothing around it. My grandmother’s house is nearby and the only base of the Japan Self-Defense Forces nearby.

“The company I work for, Toyota, also has a nondescript building.”

“Foreigners who came straight here after arriving at Kyoto Station fall into despair and then join the forces of evil?”

“Was it done in Pokemon?

“It destroys all the beautiful scenery in Kyoto.”

“It looks like an American government agency.”

“Smaller than the headquarters, the surroundings are more terrible.”

“It looks like it won’t break if dropped.”

“I once saw this on a bus that was going from Kyoto Station to Itami Airport. It was easier than I thought.”

“For a global company, that’s less than you think.”

“Not enough playfulness.”

“Construction of Tofu.”

“Maybe he turns into something during an emergency?”

“Buildings are uninteresting these days.”

I certainly agree with the last comment! Yes, Nintendo headquarters looks very boring, but maybe all the creativity of the company has poured into its games and not into its corporate gear?


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