K/D ratios are back on display in the new Battlefield 2042 scoreboard


I didn’t want to accept the change but in the end,

I acknowledged that Battlefield 2042 is trying something new with its score, focusing on squad performance rather than individual player kill-to-death ratios. Well, now I have to back out of this change: today’s patch for Battlefield 2042 replaces the original scoreboard with a more typical stats spreadsheet.

This old-style scoreboard was one of the many features players on Reddit and Twitter cried about when Battlefield 2042 came out last year, and today I’ve seen a mixture of good humor and cynicism among Battlefield fans. On the one hand, DICE has begun to fulfill its promise to respond to criticism with concrete changes and additions. The new scoring system does not take into account everything the player can do, such as healing allies, repairing vehicles, or shooting enemies from a very long distance for a ranged bonus. Instead, only kills, assists, respawns and captures the flag count, which is frustrating for some players.

DICE says it hasn’t finished setting up the scoreboard yet, and if it wanted to drop the original one, I think it would probably want to set up a new one. One particular announced change is that it will arrive at the end of the rounds after a future update.

Changes to the way number is the only work DICE is working on. In response to complaints about Battlefield 2042 (and somewhat disappointing sales, apparently), DICE has delayed its first season, which will add a new specialist, map, and first battle pass, until early summer to focus on improving the core. Voice chat will be added soon and there are plans to make changes to maps based on criticism that they are too rare. DICE also stated that it is working on improving the specifications.

In addition to changing the leaderboard, today’s update fixes a few bugs and gives Year 1 Pass owners some cosmetic gifts as an apology for the delay in the first season. You can read more about the changes and what awaits you at Battlefield 2042 Blog.

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