Kirby And The Forgotten Land Trailer Reveals More Details, Demo Available Now

A new trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land was released today, which should leave excited fans with more questions about the game. However, anyone who takes their eyes off the video and becomes interested in the upcoming Kirby game can try the game thanks to the demo available on the Nintendo eShop.
Today’s Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer doesn’t reveal too much new information regarding the game’s enemies, the Beast Pack, and the many transformations Kirby can use. Several additional versions of the game’s awkwardly named Mouthful Mode were also showcased, including (and sorry, I’m not kidding) Stairs Mouth, which allows Kirby to move a large staircase, and Pipe Mouth, which can punch through walls.

The activities available to players in the upcoming Kirby Waddle Dee Town game also received a significant presence in the latest trailer. In the hub, players will be able to improve their transformations, go grocery shopping, or participate in mini-games such as fishing or a side job. Inside the city’s Colosseum, players will be able to take on Kirby and the Forgotten Land bosses and eventually even take on Meta Knight himself.

To help anyone who is still hesitating about choosing the next Kirby game, Nintendo has also released a massive demo onĀ Switch Online Store. The Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo, available right now for free, allows users to play through three levels, which makes up the majority of the game’s first world.

For more information on Kirby and the Forgotten Land, be sure to check out our game preview.

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