Kit & Krysta Discuss Why They Think Nintendo Is Dumping EVO This Year

Image: Nintendo

Former Nintendo employees Keith Ellis and Krista Yang shared their thoughts on the possible reasons why Nintendo has effectively abandoned EVO, the world’s premier fighting game tournament. In their new Kit & Krysta podcast (videocast??), the couple detailed three possible reasons for the move, and they all seem pretty viable to us.

First, Sony acquired the rights to the EVO brand; Naturally, Nintendo may consider this a conflict of interest and will not want to intervene directly at this stage.

Secondly, EVO has been embroiled in numerous scandals in the past, perhaps mainly related to allegations of abuse by the former CEO, which Nintendo has strongly condemned.

Finally, Nintendo has partnered with Panda Global to launch its own officially licensed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as well as Super Smash Bros. close combat North American Championship.

It all makes sense to us, and given Keith and Krista’s past experience with the company, we dare say they’re in a pretty strong position to give some insight into Nintendo’s decision. The company has a rocky history when it comes to officially endorsing Smash’s presence in tournaments, and now that Sony owns the EVO, it’s not surprising – if disappointing – for fans that Nintendo has taken that stance.

You can watch the pair discuss Nintendo’s exit from EVO below, and be sure to check out our interview with Keith and Krista for some background on their decision to start a podcast and their future plans.


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