Knockout City is going free to play

Velan Studios announced in a blog post today it Knockout City, a dodgeball-themed co-op team-based multiplayer game, will be free-to-play this spring after the conclusion of Season 5, which is scheduled to begin on March 1 and run for nine weeks. The studio did not specify on which platforms the game will be free-to-play.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing our game to millions of new players around the world with a completely slashed price tag,” a spokesperson wrote. In addition, the studio announced that it would begin self-publishing—knockout City with the transition of the game to a free game. “We couldn’t imagine Knockout City world without the incredible support of EA Originals, but now that we’re moving to a free-to-play game, the natural next step for us is to take on publishing responsibility and work even more closely. With our community.”

In appreciation of the game’s existing player base, Velan Studios announced that Season 6 Knockout City would feature special cosmetic items, experience bonuses, and other perks for those who have previously purchased the game. “Our top priority will always be our community, and we’ve created a special Season 6 Loyalty Pack specifically for those who already purchased the game prior to the launch of Season 6, which will include exclusive Legendary cosmetics, XP boosts, and 2,000 Holoboxes. “.

In last year’s review of the game, Owen Goode described Knockout City as “a fun, highly recommended game,” i.e., “so fast-paced that there will still be moments when you feel like you have no idea what’s going on.”

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