Lego Princess Peach And New Mario Playsets Coming This August

After an accidental early leak this week, Nintendo has officially unveiled a new starter course to its Nintendo lineup, starring Princess Peach, a member of the Mushroom Kingdom’s royal family.

In case you missed the first batch of Lego Mario figures, the key element of these sets are blocky replicas of Nintendo badges that can interact with the sets you create, delivering sounds and visuals with the technology built inside. them. According to Lego, the full list and prices of these figures include:

  • Peach Castle add-on set – $130.
  • Peach Adventure Beginner Course – $60.
  • Peach Cat Costume and Frozen Tower Expansion Pack – $80.
  • Big Spike Cloudtop Challenge Add-on – $70.
  • Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Pack – $30.
  • An additional set of Fuzzy Flippers – $20.
  • Additional set for Goomba shoes – $10.

The gem of the set is Peach’s Castle, a beautiful diorama that the princess calls home on the rare occasions when Bowser doesn’t kidnap her. In addition to the castle you can build, it has a small moat, Toadette, and Ludwig.


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