Lost Ark Devs React To Huge Launch And Server Issues As One Month Anniversary Approaches

Lost Ark experienced a historically strong launch when it was released in mid-February, exploding to the top of the charts on Steam, Twitch, and other platforms. It has since leveled off somewhat, but that doesn’t make its initial surge any less impressive. At the time of this writing, it has 134k viewers on Twitch, second only to Grand Theft Auto 5 and the recently released Elden Ring.

Speaking via email, Amazon Games franchise leader Sumin Park spoke of the team’s amazement at the reception, calling it “a labor of love.”

“The Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG development teams are absolutely blown away and excited about the reception of Lost Ark since launching in the West,” Park said. “To say that the teams from both studios were overwhelmed by such a reaction would be a huge understatement!”

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Originally released in South Korea in 2019, Lost Ark has gained a large fan base thanks to its attractive graphics, fun combat, and plenty of content. In IGN’s review of Lost Arkwe wrote, “Lost Ark delivers a really impressive blow to the isometric RPG genre, and its integration into an always-online world is complementary rather than aggressive. An RPG filled with other players to meet and team up with.”

When Lost Ark launched in North America last month, it was the second-highest game in Steam history, hitting 1.3 million concurrent players in less than 24 hours, an achievement that Park said was “definitely unexpected.”

The player crush forced Smilegate and Amazon Games to go out of their way to modernize their server infrastructure, including adding an entirely new region. According to Pack, the Europe Central region “continues to be filled to the brim,” leading to “line-ups of players and some instability in the region.”

And it’s not as easy as just adding more servers.

“It’s important to note that Lost Ark has a limit on the maximum number of concurrent players it can support in any given universe or region, so we can’t just add more servers to Europe Central,” Pak explained. “Theoretically unlimited [Amazon Web Services] capacity per “region,” but the game could become unstable if it tries to scale beyond the maximum capacity for each region.”

Keeping pace with Lost Ark

Either way, Lost Ark is moving forward. Speaking of what to expect in the future, Pak promised a slew of new classes, continents, and other content. The Lost Ark team sees such additions as an antidote to the inevitable drop in interest that follows the launch of a utility game.

“It is true that interest in most online services ebb and flow as the competitive landscape evolves and player interests change, but generally, the best way to retain players is a strong, predictable roadmap for live gaming developed in response to feedback. Players. Pak said. New classes, continents, events, activities, and more are constantly being added to Lost Ark.”

It’s true that interest in games with live services ebb and flow… usually, the best way to retain players is a strong, predictable roadmap for live games developed in response to player feedback.

New World, another breakout online game from Amazon Games, is a cautionary tale for Lost Ark in a way. While it was a huge success at launch, its momentum was eroded by bugs and other critical issues, forcing the development team to apologize to the community.

Lost Ark, for its part, is more established than New World, having had over two years to build its foundation.

“[Early release in Korea] helped in many ways,” Park said. “Lost Ark benefits from years of player feedback and polish from the Smilegate team, as well as a presence in other parts of the world for several years. It’s a well-run game, and as such, Amazon Games can focus on westernization and improvements to make players in the West feel right at home.”

Much of the discussion among fans revolved around the intensity of the game or the need to update the difficulty of the endgame. Oh yes, and memes. Lots of memes. In short, Lost Ark follows the trajectory of most online games. Earlier today, Lost Ark released its March update, which includes a new story and endgame content.

Time will tell if it can maintain a stable and healthy player base, but nearly a month after its initial release, it seems to be more stable than many of its peers. This is a victory for Amazon Game Studios, which has experienced long development cycles, cancellations, and other problems in its decade of existence.

If you are just getting started with Lost Ark, you can find some helpful beginner tips and tricks here. Don’t forget to also check out our list of the top 10 MMORPGs, which includes hits like Final Fantasy 14. Lost Ark is out now on PC, with no plans to release on consoles at this time.

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