Lost Ark endgame nerfs detailed in full

While the first big update for Lost Ark is due out later this month, a lot of talk among players has been about the announcement that the next weekly update will rebalance some of Tier 1 and Tier 2 endgame activities – some of its Abyssal Dungeons and Guardian Raids . be nerfed. Hardcore players have complained that their game has been ruined for the sake of casual, although there have also been many players pointing out that Guardian raids in particular – activities that should be repeated daily – shouldn’t be as drawn out as they are now. Are.

In addition to a detailed description of the changes, the latest Blog post explains more reasons for rebalancing. “In other regions,” it says, “players have had to stay at Tier 1 and Tier 2 for a significant amount of time because Tier 3 has not yet been released. time to study the models and mechanics of the Guardians and Demons they encountered, leaving only a few monsters that eventually became a serious obstacle for them.”

Meanwhile, the Western version of Lost Ark has been launched with three levels of endgame activities. The first two levels of our version weren’t a top priority but a smooth transition to what’s to come. But they didn’t work that way.

“Due to the different purpose of levels 1 and 2 in our regions,” the post continues, “there are some overly difficult battles with the Guardians and the Abyss Dungeon. This balance update does more than just adjust the difficulty, as [a] all. Rather, the focus is on improving some of the complex templates to better prepare players as they progress through each level and progress towards the final level 3 content.”

The actual updates are not as disastrous as some have predicted. Many of them simply tweak the amount of damage dealt by specific attacks or change attack patterns rather than making drastic changes. They are here:



  • Origin of the Necromancer
  • Improved player forgiveness during the orb phase when attempting to defeat Sigmund during Necromancer’s Origin Stage 2.
  • Improved the visual effect of Sigmund’s color wave to make it more understandable for players.


  • Hall of the Perverted Warlord
  • Changes have been made to the Phantom Legion King attack pattern and the Phantom Cut debuff stack that is applied to the character.
  • It is updated the attack template for the Illusory Sword of the Phantom Legion King.
  • Since the swords follow the players, if the player gets two stacks, they will take damage, and when they reach three stacks, they will die.
  • Hildebrandt Palace
  • I reduced the amount of damage required for the stagger phase when Efernia spawns in stage 3 of Hildebrandt’s Palace.
  • I increased the range of the phantom energy effect from Meteormechanic during stage 3.
  • Changed the attack form of the second Meteormechanic from a circle to a frontal attack in stage 3.


  • Sea of ​​idleness
  • I increased the Omen attack warning time in the second stage of the Sea of ​​Idleness.
  • Changed Indolence Sentinel Akam’s attack from a kill mechanic to a high damage attack on the second stage of Sea of ​​Indolence.



  • Removed the stun debuff that was applied when players were hit by a tail sweep attack.
  • Reduced damage dealt by multiple attacks:
    • I am jumping out from under the ice.
    • I grab the player and breathe ice fire.

made up

  • Reduced damage dealt by multiple attacks:
    • Tail attack after hitting the ground with the tail.
    • Jumping out of the ground.
    • Lightning projectiles.

Flame Fox Yoho

  • Reduced the duration of Flame Fox Yoho’s attack with Flame Ground.
  • Reduced HP of Firefox Yoho.
  • Reduced the effect of the Flaming Soul ability.
  • Reduced damage dealt by multiple attacks:
    • Breeding fox fires.
    • Jump forward and attack with claws.
    • Jump up and attack with claws.


  • Reduced the duration of Tytalos’ Stone Attack Circle of Cleaving.
  • Titans attack that collects sand energy and explodes has been changed from a kill mechanic to a high damage attack.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Tytalos’ earth blast attacks.


  • Modified Ahat Guardian Statue Summon Template now always summons four Guardian Statues.
  • I reduced the damage required to apply Vulnerable to Ahats.
  • To keep Ahates challenging in Guardian trial raids, this encounter will not have these changes – but more on that in a future update!

lava chromium

  • Reduced the damage dealt by the lava eruption attack that Lava Chromanium uses when she goes berserk.


  • I reduced the damage required to cast Weak Point* on Levanos.
    • * Weakpoint is a mechanic that requires players to break a part of an enemy (such as shields, shells, wings, etc.) or target a specific area with abilities and combat items marked with the Destruction keyword.


  • Reduced the Alberhastic buff that was given when obtaining a Heat Orb.
  • Changed the wipe mechanic to a high damage attack.

The update will also include several bug fixes and some improvements to matchmaking. It will launch tonight, meaning an expected six-hour downtime will begin at 10:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST / 6:00 AM UTC.

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