Lost Ark is getting its first big update, and some endgame nerfs

The MMO and mod sim Lost Ark was released in English last month, but it’s been around in Korea for years. Only a fraction of what was added to the original version during its lifetime was carried over at launch. There will be more starting with the update due out this month, as announced on the official website.

The first thing confirmed for the March update is an additional storyline with a story episode called Kadan that covers the islands of Isteri and Illusion Bamboo. Continuing from where the current main quest ends, you are looking for the first Guardian slayer and the last of the Lost Arks. To start the new quests, you need to complete the Feiton Continent, and the quests Let There Be Light on Yorn, The Beginning of Our Story on the Whispering Isle, and The End of Trials on the Illusionary Bamboo Island. It is recommended for characters with item level 1100.

A new endgame activity called Abyss Raids is also expected. Like existing Guardian raids, these are monster hunter-inspired boss hunts where you have a time limit to defeat one giant Guardian, only where Guardian raids are for 1-4 players, and Abyss raids are specifically for groups of eight humans. The Guardian you will power up over three phases, with different mechanics for each phase and different rewards for each phase. The first raid of the Abyss will be against a guard named Argos.

The announcement notes that these two additions are not all that will be in the update, and we should “keep an eye on the full release notes, including details on additional changes and bug fixes.” The date for the update and the downtime associated with it will apparently appear soon.

BUT separate announcement regarding the launch of Lost Ark details upcoming changes in the next weekly update. The difficulty of endgame content has been lowered, several raids of level 1 and 2 guardians and Abyss dungeons have been softened. Guardians currently have a ridiculous amount of hit points, and taking them down is a time-consuming chore, especially for something meant to be a repeatable daily task, so I’d be happy if that were loosened up.

In addition, the post addresses the issue with the gold sellers and bots that Lost Ark had. “We are constantly adjusting the tools,” the message says, “improving chat filters and responding to messages in order to quickly block gold sellers and bots in the game and receive a ban. To further restrict them, characters below level 30 will not be able to use local chat, although they will still have access to group chat and so on.

Bots have become a common sight in Lost Ark quest centers. Rows of identical-looking berserkers and sorceresses with names that look like the result of someone falling asleep on their keyboard can be seen huddling around the quest givers, then blowing away at lightning speed. The post notes that reporting players help the support team get rid of bots and spammers, and Ctrl-clicking a player’s name in chat brings up a menu to report them.

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