Lost Ark March Update Includes New Story And Endgame Content

Following the successful launch of Lost Ark in North America, the developers have announced that new content will be released regularly, starting in March with new story and raid content. Lost Ark was released in South Korea back in 2019 and takes precedence over content not yet released in the North American version. That developers say, the Korean version features “lots of content that has yet to make it to the western shores of Artesia.”

However, this content will be released starting this month when the new storyline and raid, as well as changes and fixes, are released.

First, the new storyline will introduce new quests, islands, and cutscenes for Lost Ark. The quest will follow the recruitment of new and returning characters and will focus on the Sidereals and the legendary Kadan, the first guardian slayer.

Players will need to complete Pheiton and the quests “Yorn – Let There Be Light,” “Whispering Isle – Beginning of Our Story,” and “Illusionary Bamboo Island – End of Trials” before they can accept the new quests.

The second major addition in March will be the new Abyss raid, Argos. This late-game raid is similar to the Guardian raid, where players need to work together to defeat the Guardian before time runs out. The eight-member content will fight a much larger boss in three stages and will provide a reward that can be obtained once a week.

Argos will be available at the Abyss Raid statue located in various major cities of the Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is a dungeon crawler MMO currently free to play on PC. At launch, Lost Ark quickly became the second most played game on Steam of all time, and it looks like there will be a lot of content in the future to keep players occupied.

Check out IGN’s review of Lost Ark here.

Matt TM Kim is the news editor for IGN. You can contact him @lawoftd. 

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