Lost Ark Will Receive More Multiple Gender Classes, Less Revealing Female Armor Sets

Amazon Games recently localized and published a western version of the Korean MMORPG Lost Ark. Which was a huge success, but two common criticisms of the game are the gender-specific classes. And the reveal of female outfits (with a few alternatives). Both of these complaints will be addressed over time Amazon said. In Lost Ark, many of the advanced classes are gender-based. Only male characters can be paladins, berserkers, and archers. Magic-oriented characters like Bard and Sorceress are for women only. While some class archetypes, such as the Gunslinger, have male and female versions. The Male-Only Gunslinger and the Female Gunslinger are not identical and have unique abilities.

Speaking with Eurogamer Amazon Games franchise chief,

Sumin Park said that Korean developer Smilegate RPG is working to introduce male and female versions for many of Lost Ark’s. Classes over time and that Amazon has made an effort to include as many classes. As possible with male and female variants for Western game launch. “This is something that will be implemented over time,” Park said. “Classes are pretty tightly coupled to their character models in terms of features and animations. So adding characters of the opposite gender to a class requires. More work than just creating a model of the other gender.”

Park notes that the female version of Berserker should be the next class to be released in Korea. It’s unclear if the female version of Berserker will play. The same as the male version or if it will be a unique class with the same name.

Regarding many of the more revealing armor sets and outfits for female characters,

Park said that Amazon and Smilegate are looking to strike a balance between hardcore fans. Of the game who want the Western release to be as close to the Korean version as possible. As a result, Smilegate RPG will add new, less explicit options. While leaving the game’s original costumes and armor intact.“In terms of armor sets, we’re not changing any of the original costumes from the game. We’re making adjustments to ensure that the more revealing options aren’t the focus in places like our marketing. Or the initial character creation screen (although the original character creator costumes are still available in the game as early releases),” Park said.

Lost Ark will receive its first major content update later this month. Amazon looks to start bringing content to Western audiences from the Korean version released in 2019. Amazon recently announced that it had suspended over 1 million. Lost Ark bot accounts in an effort to combat gold sellers and spam accounts. Shortly after its launch, Lost Ark became the second most played game on Steam. Of all time with over 1.3 million concurrent players.

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