Lost Ark’s artillerist is a walking explosion and my favorite class

However, my favorite of all the advanced classes in Lost Ark is the Artilleryman, who just has a big gun.

I’m not sure why artillerymen aren’t the more popular choice, but it seems paladins, berserkers, and bards vastly outnumber us. They miss out. Being an artilleryman is a cross between a guy with heavy weapons from Team Fortress 2 and a ship’s side. In the Sherlock Holmes stories, Dr.Watson, quite illegally, carries a service revolver from his army days because he feels a sentimental attachment to being able to shoot people. The gunner is similar, except that instead of an army, you seem to have been a member of some steampunk air fleet, and instead of a revolver, you’ve chosen a ship’s cannon to carry the ship’s cannon with you into civilian life.

I understand why. It’s more than just a gun.

Few have ever been. I really hope the wizards of Lost Ark have a cure for cancer. Despite being an MMO, Lost Ark isn’t too bothered by the boring trio of the tank, healer, and DPS roles. The only support classes in the current version are paladin and bard, and both of them can deal damage easily. As an artilleryman, I am the hardiest and least mobile of the various advanced classes in the gunner category, basically, a tank who is also a ranged DPS specialist. Which, if you think about it, are the real tanks in the real world.

In a raid, my job is to knock down a turret with a handy debuff that removes protection (please), then place an energy shield to protect yourself (the shield also explodes, because when you have a theme, you have to stick to it). The shield is here because some of my attack animations are slow like balls and I’m probably taking hits while I’m setting them up.

First is Homing Barrage which is the aforementioned nuclear bomb and the second is Air Raid which is a similar area blast. After that, I can throw Napalm Shot, although since Napalm is my only ability that can counter, I might as well save it until the boss starts glowing blue – then you can prevent him from attacking with a counter ability, one from too many mechanics. Lost Ark hesitates to explain. How to stagger, which I do a lot.

Multiple Rocket is a good sequel because it does exactly what it says on the can and also the rockets set people on fire. The flamethrower deals extra damage if I can get behind the enemies, and conveniently highlights their entire line. (I currently have a flamethrower designed to deal water damage, which it somehow does by shooting blue fire.) Finally, there’s Enhanced Shell, which just fires a single missile. It’s simple but has a low cooldown and gets the job done.

Almost all of these abilities are associated with the explosion or burning of things. An artilleryman is like an explosion in an explosive factory. (This is where the explosions are made.) At various times I looked like this: Horatio Hornblower; literally cowboy; guitarist for cover band Guns N’ Roses; steampunk but make it sexy; Horatio Hornblower, but do it nicely; literally cowboy (minor return); and goth who knows too much about World War II, if you know what I mean.

I should point out that while a couple of these looks showed a fair amount of skin, even during my brief sexual pirate phase, I stood next to almost every woman in The Lost Ark and said, “What are you wearing? It’s a bra.” from a bicycle chain?

Skimpy Lost Ark outfits for women paired with high heels and hip-hop style is the reason I chose one of the men’s classes as my main one. I also have a sorceress and she seems to get less and less dressed the higher the level she gets. I can only imagine that at level 60 they run out of things to remove and take her flesh, leaving her looking like an anatomy lesson.

Smilegate has stated that they are planning to add more not-so-revealing outfits, and while I’m looking forward to it, I hope beachwear skins from the Korean version do it because options for male shooters include a casual pink robe and smuggler budgerigar combo that I enjoy wearing while I make literally everything explode.

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