Lost Ark’s Revealing Female Outfits To Stay, Says Amazon Games

Amazon Games addressed

An online discussion related to its popular South Korean MMORPG of 2019 Lost Ark went into detail about future updates to fix dated female characters. When Lost Ark moved to the US in February after a stay abroad, new concurrent player entries on Steam- some Western players also felt that the game had an outdated female representation. At the time, players expressed their frustration online, pointing out the game’s limitations. And half-dressed clothing options and an aggressive female walking animation with a hip swing. This started Smilegate, the match developer, to buy a criticism in a blog post last year. But more surprisingly, these comments were followed by more remarks in 2022. 

Sumin Park, Amazon Games franchise leader, recently said:

Eurogamer that future updates are under development to fix issues like the game gender-locked classes, which allow men to wield swords and women to be magicians. “Classes are pretty closely tied to their character models in terms of features and animations, so adding characters of the opposite gender to a class requires more work than just making the other gender model accessible,” Park said. Eurogamer. 

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Park also responded to criticism from fans regarding the outdated female outfits in the game,

which are most often dressed in shorts and heels. Instead of removing revealing outfits from the game, Park said that Lost Ark Eurogamer would make adjustments. However, these adjustments will not include changing outfits to be less revealing but are instead adjustments to the game’s marketing. These outfits don’t feature prominently in ads or on the game’s character creation screen.

“We’re also including in some new clothing options that aren’t as revealing, but they’re additions, not replacements,” Parker said. Eurogamer. Parker said the decision not to remove revealing outfits that players criticized from the game in bulk wanted to balance the experience for “hardcore fans” and US players.

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