March Xbox Update Improves Quick Resume

One of the most useful features of the Xbox series consoles to date is Quick Resume. And their latest update has made it a little better. That March update for Xbox consoles added a few improvements. But most players will immediately notice the ability to pin games in Quick Resume.

Quick Resume is one of the most exciting features of the Xbox series consoles.

Allowing players to instantly and seamlessly switch between multiple games. But the best part of Quick Resume is that the game will resume exactly where it left off. Meaning there’s no need to save or find a checkpoint. Players can simply switch between games as much as they want.

With this month’s Xbox update, players can now pin two games to Quick Resume, meaning they’ll always be available in an instant. To pin a game to Quick Resume, users simply need to select the game, press the “Menu” button, and select “Pin to Quick Resume” from the drop-down menu. These games will only be removed if players manually uninstall them or if they have a mandatory update installed.

In addition to the Quick Resume improvements, players can also remap the Share button on their controller. While it usually allows users to save clips or screenshots, the Share button can now be reassigned to perform various actions, including opening a friends list or muting the TV. A new audio setup wizard is also available for audiophiles who want to make sure their TV is using the correct audio format.

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