Metroid Dread And More Switch Exclusives Discounted In New Sale

GameFly is once again offering big discounts on its pre-owned catalog with hits like Noose of death.┬áRatchet & Clank: Rift Apart as well as Metroid Horror available with great price tags. You don’t need to be a GameFly member to take advantage of the discount. And most products come with a new case and manual. We’ve gone through a catalog of the best GameFly deals for PlayStation. Xbox, and Switch and listed them below. If none of them caught your attention, be sure to check out the full list – dozens of popular games are on sale. You’re sure to find something for yourself.

Best Switch Deals on GameFly

Nintendo Switch games have some of the best deals on popular titles like Pokemon Shiny Diamond as well as shining pearl for just $45. Metroid Horrorone of the best games of 2021, on sale for up to $40 off. New pokemon shot. The list of Switch discounts is short but full of strong hitters.

The best PlayStation deals on GameFly

The noose of death is an absolute bargain for $20 but if you are looking for some synergy you can also find Rainbow Six: Extraction available at the same price. And despite some early problems, Battlefield 2042 slowly changing the situation. Priced at just $30, now is the time to dive in.

The best Xbox deals on GameFly

If you haven’t experienced the latest Halo adventure yet, you can pick up Halo Infinite for 25 dollars. Far Cry 6, Remastered Crysis Trilogyas well as Resident Evil Village are also available for less than $25. Outriders are one of the cheapest games in the $10 GameFly catalog and are easy to recommend at this new price point.

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