Micron boasts worlds most advanced SSD for data centers

In today’s high-tech world, data centers are a huge but relatively invisible part of our entire daily lives. It is no longer just something that is used to store data for large companies or technical professionals. We stream all sorts of things like entertainment with movies and TV shows, music, and now even video games. And it all comes from this mysterious place so often referred to as the cloud, which is usually actually a huge building filled with racks of solid-state drives somewhere here on Earth.

With the increase in overall usage, the demand for data centers has also skyrocketed. We now expect to be able to run quite demanding processes like streaming games seamlessly, which demands incredible speed from these banks of machines. So it’s no surprise that we’ve just witnessed the launch of the most advanced solid-state drive for the data center.

Micron is no stranger to the SSD market with its own Crucial products, although they are also known for impressive DDR4 overclocking. Newly Announced¬†Micron 7450 NVMe SSD¬†should be the new feather in Micron’s cap that boasts of being the world’s most advanced data center NAND SSD with 176 layers. It appears to be similar in concept to the new 2TB M.2 SSDs the company recently crammed into the 2230 form factor.

The new Micron 7450 SSDs are built specifically for the data center with pluggable gateway technology. This method allows multiple cells to be embedded into a single insulating structure, which is said to virtually eliminate cell connection problems, greatly speeding up the process. According to Micron, new SSDs are almost always capable of sustaining random read and write latencies of less than 2ms.

Unlike those 2230 M.2s, these 7450 SSDs definitely won’t fit in your new Steam deck. Although the capacity almost reaches 16 TB, I would like it. Instead, this new storage (please let me a joke, it’s so good) will be better served to help you with services like Nvidia’s GeForce Now or whatever Intel is about to launch soon.

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