Microsoft, EA, And Gearbox Sign Letter Opposing Anti-Trans Bill In Texas

Earlier today, 65 companies,

Including gaming giants Electronic Arts, Gearbox Software, and Microsoft signed a letter against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent decision.anti-LGBTQ+ efforts“. The letter, published in The Dallas Morning News, called on “community leaders in Texas and across the country to abandon their efforts to incorporate discrimination into law and policy.” The call came shortly after the governor of Texas issued an order for Child Protective Services to launch an investigation into families of transgender children receiving gender-affirming health care, comparing it to child abuse.

The letter, hosted by the LGBTQ organization Human Rights Campaign, begins with a simple statement: “Discrimination is bad for business” and then goes into detail about how Abbott’s policies affect Texas workers. “The recent attempt to prosecute a parent for helping their transgender child access medically necessary and age-appropriate health care in the state of Texas is contrary to our company values,” the letter said

Thus, this is not the first time many of these companies have spoken out against discriminatory policies. Just last year, Gearbox considered moving out of Texas after adopting the Texas Senate Bill 29 which required public school students to take part in competitive sports based on the sex assigned to them at birth.

When we reached out for comment, an EA spokesperson told GameSpot,

“We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion for our employees, players, and community. We are proud to join the Human Rights Campaign, along with others in the business community, to stand up to discriminatory laws and policies in Texas, Florida, and other states across the country.” Microsoft and Gearbox have yet to make any further comments.

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