Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Finally Playable on Xbox One

Xbox One players initially skipped Microsoft Flight Simulator, but owners of the latest generation of consoles can now access the game on their hardware. In addition, you can experience the wonders of flying anywhere you want without having to allocate almost 100 GB of disk space to install the game. This is because Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming via Xbox Game Pass. All Game Pass subscribers can now stream Flight Simulator in 1080p/30fps on Xbox One as well as other Xbox Cloud Gaming enabled devices such as Series X|S, phones, tablets, and PCs.

Microsoft says multiplayer is the same across devices, meaning you can play with your friends no matter what hardware they’re on. In addition, if you have previously made in-app purchases on native versions of Series X|S, they will be carried over to the cloud version.

This option is also available for Series X|S owners who want to try the game without installing it. Microsoft Flight Simulator has a file size of around 97GB, which is a lot of the console’s built-in storage.

That being said, Microsoft Flight Simulator is definitely worth your time. We called the game a masterpiece, stating, “It’s hard to fully describe how amazing it is to jump on a plane and be able to fly literally anywhere in the world and back.”

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To learn more about Flight Simulator, check out the mod that adds Mario Kart tracks to the game. Or check out the rest of the March Game Pass lineup.

Logan Plant is a freelance writer for IGN. You can find him on Twitter @LoganJPlant.

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