MiHoYo’s spending that Genshin cash on an experimental fusion reactor

Developer miHoYo has been around since 2012, but 2020’s Genshin Impact was its first global success: the game remains hugely popular, but earned over $2 billion in its first year on mobile alone. The company has a rather charming motto – Techno-otaku save the world – and with this big pile of money burning a hole in her metaphorical pocket, she decided to try and live up to those words.miHoYo recently raised a funding round with NIO Capital, a Chinese investment firm, and a total of $63 million will be invested in a company called Energy Singularity (according to Beijing PanDaily). The funds will be used to research and develop “a small experimental tokamak based on high-temperature superconducting material and advanced magnetic systems that can be used for a new generation of high-performance fusion devices.”

What is a tokamak for you? A tokamak is a design concept for a nuclear fusion facility in which plasma is held together by magnetic fields in the shape of a doughnut: a torus. People who understand these things consider it the most realistic and achievable nuclear fusion project.

The bottom line is that nuclear fusion (where two atomic nuclei combine to create a heavier nucleus, releasing energy) would theoretically have huge advantages over nuclear fission (where the nucleus is split). However, despite theorizing and research since the 1940s, no working fusion reactor has ever been built. If it succeeds, this technology could change everything about global energy supplies and become a major tool in the fight against climate change (fusion produces even less waste than fission).

So maybe in 100 years, they’ll be writing textbooks about how thirsty tears inadvertently saved the planet by buying rabbit costumes.

miHoYo isn’t just about nuclear fusion: last year it funded a lab that studies brain-computer interface technologies and how they can be used to treat depression.

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This is the first major investment in Energy Singularity, which was founded in 2021 by experts in various fields and is dedicated to the creation of commercialized fusion technologies. After this funding, he will focus on the development of the so-called “experimental advanced superconducting tokamak (EAST)”.

Yes, this title is a bit like a boss fight. In the meantime, Genshin Impact continues to receive regular updates, with version 2.5 released a little less than a month ago and driving fans crazy with its new characters.

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