MLB Cancels Games In First Work Stoppage Since 1994, MLB The Show 22 Is Still Coming

The 2022 Major League Baseball season will not start as scheduled as the owners of Major League Baseball, and the Major League Baseball Players Association failed to agree on a new labor agreement. However, Sony’s MLB The Show 22 is still scheduled for early April. MLB and the players’ union have not reached a new collective bargaining agreement after almost a year of contract negotiations. The deadline to reach an agreement was today at 5:00 pm ET, and neither side was able to do so.

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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said at a press conference that some games would be canceled – the season was supposed to start on March 31. This marks the first time that MLB games have been canceled or delayed due to a shutdown since the 1994–1995 strike.

That same year, 900 games were canceled, including the 1994 World Series. You can see this New York Times article to learn more about the lockout, and the players union statement follows below.

As for MLB The Show 22, it’s ready for the widest release in the history of the acclaimed series. In addition to reappearing on Xbox this year on its own and via Xbox Game Pass. Sony is also hosting a former PlayStation exclusive on the Switch.

GameSpot has reached out to Sony seeking more details on what impact, if any, the MLB shutdown could have on MLB The Show 22. Keep checking GameSpot for more.

Featuring superstar Shohei Otani on the cover, MLB The Show 22 offers multiple editions to choose from, so it might be helpful to check out GameSpot’s MLB The Show 22 pre-order guide to find out more.

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