‘MLB The Show 22’ Aims To Deliver 30FPS On Switch After Disappointing Tech Test

Earlier this month, baseball fans on the Nintendo Switch got a chance to try out a tech test for the upcoming release of MLB The Show 22. Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well – we ourselves noted the performance of the game. as “disappointing.”

If you were a bit concerned about the game’s performance at the time, Ramon Russell, communications specialist and brand strategist for MLB The Show, explained that the tech test is about two weeks old and not optimized “100% exactly.”.

The Switch version is apparently still getting “a lot” of optimizations and updates to deliver a solid 30fps. Here’s Russell’s full commentary on the matter (via Nintendo Everything):

“Speaking of the tech test, the build that everyone played on the tech test for about two weeks, and you noticed that it wasn’t quite 100% optimized. However, by the time you watch this Feature Premiere episode, the Nintendo Switch version will have received many optimizations and updates. The footage you’ll see here is much sharper and has much more consistent frame rates than what was available in the Technical Test. We’re aiming for 30fps gameplay.”

The game’s resolution will also be lowered in handheld mode to improve Switch performance and battery life.

As we have noted, the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game will run at 4K dynamic resolution and 60 frames per second. And here’s what we had to say about the performance in the Switch version of the technical test:

“However, the issue is performance – forget about 60fps; it’s struggling to get close to 30fps, in our opinion. Smooth 30 frames per second would be nice, of course, but this baseball is a game in which reaction speed and timing are absolutely essential to hitting the ball. This game struggles heavily with docking and in handheld mode, stuttering to a frustrating degree. Combine visible jerks with frequent in-game camera movements (such as when fielding), and a family member in the room actually felt a little dizzy when watching. At this stage, this is not enough.”

Will you be giving MLB The Show another chance after the technical test? Leave a comment below.

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