Mysterious, inaccessible Elden Ring building explored in out-of-bounds video

There are countless attractions on the Elden Ring map,

Most of which reward players with items, boss battles, or something more awesome. But there is one large structure to the northeast of the starting area of ​​the game, Limgrave, which seems to be completely inaccessible. If you saw him, you probably spent about half an hour trying unsuccessfully to get inside. The building in question is huge and similar to the Colosseum, and in front of it, some kind of ghost is moping. “All I wanted was to fight,” the ghost guy says when you interact with him. “To fight like a warrior at last. So why? Why, oh guidance of grace, won’t this door open?”

Well, here’s the theory: it’s the Colosseum for the upcoming PvP-focused DLC. Thanks to the famous Soulsborne data miner Lance McDonald, we now have footage of the inside of the building, as in the current build of Elden Ring. While it’s clearly unfinished, it’s enough to pretty much confirm that this is a battle arena. The above NPC’s dialogue also supports this theory.

Here is the footage:

This wouldn’t be unprecedented if it was a post-launch PvP arena. All three Dark Souls games received dedicated online scrapbook areas within months of launch. Elden Ring has had an epic launch week, with Steam nearing a million concurrent players and rune lust so popular that it’s now heavily traded on eBay. It also spawned countless funny deaths.

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