N64 Cult Classic Glover Comes To Steam On Weed Day Because LOL

You must like the glove. And soon it will be much easier to do so. 1998 N64 game announced today Glover Coming to Steam via a new PC port that will be released on April 20th. The port is a completely new version of the game designed for modern PCs and built using the original N64 source code. And no, the release of 4/20 is not an accident.

This new version Glover being developed Pico Interactive, a company that re-releases old games. According to Pico, the game is being built using the original source code and “improved for modern PCs”.

I asked the people behind this new port Glover about the release date of the game 20.04. Was it a joke or just a stupid coincidence? A Piko representative told me that the company chose this date for a reason.

“Yes, it will be released on April 20,” Pico explained. “The date is chosen because it’s a fun/fun date.”

Piko Interactive also told me that they hope to introduce this modern version Glover to other platforms and consoles. But for now, it will only be released in April on PC via GoG, Steam, and the Bleem Store.

Original Glover was developed by Interactive Studios and published by Hasbro in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 and released on the PS1 a year later. Glover it’s a 3D platformer starring a living white glove named… well, Glover. (You really should have expected this.) The original game was reviewed pretty well on the N64. At one time, it was even planned to develop a sequel, but this never happened.

Oddly enough, in 2018 the company said that it owns the rights to Glover and developed a sequel. Piko Interactive, current owners Glover, indicated that the franchise belonged to her, and the studio, trying to make a sequel, quickly switched to working on a spiritual successor.

And now, for all you glove lovers, Glover back in just a few weeks. And of course, Glover perhaps not the best or most memorable N64 game ever made. (Piko Interactive calls it a “cult classic,” but even that is debatable.) But saving the game is always good to seeand porting old games to PC using the original source code is always a great way to ensure that future generations can also enjoy those games. Yes, even Glover. Because, as Jim Ross explained, you must like the glove.

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