New Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris And Iron Banner Weapons Revealed

The Witch Queen and Season of the Risen, Bungie is set to kick off the first Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris events. Both PvP activities will come with an updated set of loot. Including new and returning weapons.

According to Bungieplayers can battle it out for the new Legendary-class Scout Rifle and Classic Automatic Rifle, each with a unique art design and Trials of Osiris markings.

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Trials of Osiris

Aisha’s Embrace is a fast-firing scout rifle that can fire at 260 rpm, and Bungie says there’s a chance the frequently requested Triple Tap and Fourth Time’s Charm perks could be included with this weapon. If you’re really lucky. You can also enable the Tunnel Vision and Multi kill Clip perks, which will turn this weapon into an absolute beast for PvP activities.

And will offer more popular perks like Heat Up and Focused Fury.  And with these new mods replacing lesser-known perks. It will become even more in demand. Bungie has added that all six weapons in the upcoming challenge pool will have the Alacrity and One Quiet Moment origin traits, making them even more powerful in PvP.


Alacrity increases cooldown, stability, aim to assist. And range when running alone or as the last remaining Guardian. While One Quiet Moment gives players increased reload speed when not in active combat. As mentioned in the previous update. The Eternity and Vostok maps are back and a new map will be added to the Crucible, which Bungie will reveal later.

iron banner

Next week also kicks off the new Iron Banner Tournament, where players can also earn new loot from Saladin’s Vault. All six weapons in this Iron Banner Pack will have the Prowling Wolf trait, which activates when your team controls all zones.

One of these weapons is dedicated to the brave bards of the past, AC/DC.
One of these weapons is dedicated to the brave bards of the past, AC/DC.

As a Hunt-activated perk, you will briefly gain enhanced radar and disappear from enemy radar after landing the final hit during these encounters. All returning Iron Banner weapons will have updated perk pools, and new weapons include the Frontier’s Cry hand cannon and the Razor’s Edge sword.

Frontier’s Cry

Frontier’s Cry is a 180 RPM precision frame that can spin with the Steady Hands and Compulsive Reloader perks, while the Iron Reach mod increases range.

For more Destiny 2 news, you can read about the new patch that finally lets you buy Ascendant Alloy, explain our Vow of the Disciple raid, and a reminder that Bungie will let you choose the best name for your Guardian at last. . Everyone’s favorite agent of the Nine, Xur, will also return tonight, so keep an eye on his whereabouts and inventory.

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