New Halo Infinite Loot Up For Grabs For Game Pass Ultimate Members

Halo Infinite players who also have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription can now receive some free in-game bonuses. Free gear is offered as part of monthly Xbox Game Pass benefits, and you only have up to April, 4 to demand your freebies.

The free pack doesn’t contain too much content, although it will no doubt come in handy if you’re trying to climb the ranks of the slow Infinite Battle Pass. Here’s what Game Pass Ultimate members can get:

  • Vehicle Cover Mongoose “Past Tense”
  • Four 2XP boosters
  • Four call exchanges

While the XP boost is a good thing, most players will probably like the new “Pass Tense” vehicle skin the most, which comes in a bright green color and should be a nice addition to the Infinite vehicle skins roster.

Free items can be found in the Perks menu on PC and Xbox consoles. After you receive your rewards, you will need to redeem them before May 5. These benefits are only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, so members with a standard Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass membership won’t find them on their store page.

Halo Infinite isn’t the only game to feature Game Pass bonuses this month. We are currently giving away free in-game gear for EA Sports UFC 4, Madden NFL 22, Phantasy Star Online, and more. Most of the loot comes from cosmetic items and experience boosters, so be sure to check out the perks page for all the content before the end of the month.

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