New Haven update lets you play as a same-gender couple

Romantic RPG slash visual novel Harbor will now allow you to travel to the mysterious dystopian planet Source as a same-sex couple in a free update.

Previously, the main characters Yu and Kei were introduced as male and female. Three options will now be available when starting the game – two males, two females, or a pair of male and female. IN news post on Steam Game Bakers stated. This update will not change the storyline of Haven and you can still play as Yu and Kay. But the game offers more couple lineup options. Now Haven can represent love in a wider way!”

The developer also said the update was “a bit special”, explaining that eight couples were originally planned for Haven, representing a wide variety of relationships. While the team ultimately only focused on one pair. It “returned to work on this update to add alternate pairs” shortly after launch. Two new voice actors have jumped on board to record some 80,000 lines of dialogue. With minor plot changes to ensure any specific gender references reflect whichever pair you choose.

Emma Davis gave the game a solid 72 in her review of Haven, calling Yu and Kay. An attractive couple in an unusual situation rooted in a really interesting backstory. In the course of this, the visual novel elements work well, with nice dialogue and relationships that you really feel involved in. But the RPG is too minor to really sink your teeth into.”

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