New Moon Knight Video Showcases Oscar Isaac’s Full Transformation

New footage of Marvel’s Moon Knight has been released via the USA today, ahead of the miniseries’ upcoming release on March 30 on Disney+. The clip is part of a larger feature article that also features reflections on the show from many of the show’s stars.

Moon Knight takes us into the world of Mark Spector, a man who lives with dissociative identity disorder and suddenly discovers the powers of an Egyptian god. Or, as executive producer Grant Curtis told USA Today, “This is a story about identity and finding your true self… The journey that Mark Spector is on throughout our show is: who am I? And how do I reconcile parts of my past, present, and potential future that I don’t necessarily agree with? Coming to terms with your baggage and learning to live with yourself is something we all face every day.”

This MCU comic book adaptation stars Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and May Calamari. Isaac plays Mark Spector, Hawke plays the villain Arthur Harrow, and Kalamawi plays Layla El Faoli, a woman from Spector’s past. Additionally, Gaspard Ulliel portrays Anton Mogarth/Midnight Man, Lucy Thackeray portrays Grant’s colleague Donna (one of Spector’s other personalities), and F. Murray Abraham voices the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.

Added Hawke in USA Today article:[There isn’t] a huge amount of iconography already attached [to Moon Knight]… We were able to create something free from too high expectations.”. Jeremy Slater of the Umbrella Academy leads the writing team for Moon Knight.

The six-episode series will premiere on March 30 and run until May 4.

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