New trailer Ghostrunner Project Hel shows off DLC’s playable character

Ghost runner was one of the best Polygon games of 2020, and now it’s back with new downloadable content (DLC) and a new character. In the new trailer Project Ghost Runner Helem bedded above, we get a preview of some of the new moves from Hel. We will also learn a bit about the DLC playable character and see how cool she is. Project Ghost Runner Hel Coming March 3rd for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Along with some hacks and dashes that ghost runner players should be familiar with from the original game, Hel also has some new abilities. As we see in the trailer, she gets her personal shield that can save her from the one-hit deaths that slowed Jack down. Hel also has a longer dash and a higher jump, which should make up for her lack of a grappling hook.

Of course, the Ghostrunner DLC seems to retain much of the gameplay from the original. It looks like first-person platforming will make up the bulk of the DLC, and we can probably expect some boss fights as well. Like Jack, Hel’s journey includes running through the alleys and rooftops of the Dharma Tower, running up walls, slowing downtime, and destroying enemies with a single swing of her energy sword.

This latest trailer doesn’t provide much of Project Helthe’s plot veers off course, but we know the game is a prequel to what ghost runner players have already experienced. That means we’ll get to know Hel’s history, including how she fell into Jack’s hands as one of the original game’s saddest – and most difficult – bosses.


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