New World is getting a blunderbuss

Amazon Games has shared a look at what’s coming to the New World Public Test in March, which will wrap up Isabella’s story and add a powerful new weapon, the fearsome blunderbuss.

Blunderbuss is, of course, a ranged weapon that promises “high mobility combined with powerful damage at short to medium range.” The damage dealt will actually scale based on the player’s strength and intelligence – apparently the first weapon in the New World – making it particularly suitable for “fighter or mage” builds.

Two weapon mastery trees will be available, each supporting a different play style:

  • The containment tree is designed to close the gap and unload hot lead right into the enemy’s face.
  • The Chaos Tree is focused on keeping your distance and bombarding areas with AoE burst damage.

The blunderbuss will also have their own legendary weapon quest series: after reaching level 60 and maxing out the blunderbuss skill, hit Wang Tang Zhi in Black Scale to start.

Blunderbuss isn’t the only thing coming to Aeternum in March. Learn more about what awaits you! 2, 2022

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In terms of storytelling, Tempest’s Heart – The Myrkgard Expedition will continue the main storyline with Isabella’s pursuit back to Shattered Mountain and the “corrupted dimension of reality.” Tempest’s Heart is a five-player end-game expedition with a recommended character level of 60 and equipment of 550 or higher.

The PTR update will also include “new wildlife encounters, important balance changes for various weapons, and a huge number of bug fixes,” Amazon said in a post. No date has been set for the PTR, but it is expected to begin “soon” before it “eventually” appears in the main game. As you can see, the timeline isn’t quite set in stone yet, but the full PTR announcement is expected onĀ

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