Niantic Announces First-Ever Pokemon Go Safari Zone Event In Spain

Niantic has announced that tickets are now available for Pokemon Go Safari Zone Seville,

The first-ever live Pokemon Go event in Spain. The event will take place from Friday, May 13th to Sunday. May 15th at the Parque del Alamillo in Seville, located in southern Spain. Tickets may be bought one of two ways: a €21 ($22.91) option that opens the event from 12:00 to 18:00 local time each day. Or a €26 ($28.36) early access ticket that opens the event three hours earlier.

The following Pokemon Go Safari Zone event has been announced.

That official blog post The news announcement didn’t give details on.

What this unique Safari Zone experience would entail. But it does mention that “participating trainers will be able to encounter a variety of Pokémon. That embody the spirit of Seville’s legendary founder: Hercules!” The Pokémon included in the post image (above) include Miltank. Tauros, Deino, and Solrock offer an idea of ​​what Pokémon will be available during the event.

Pokemon Go Safari Zone: Seville is the latest live community event planned for Pokemon Go. Following the Pokemon Go Tour events in Monterrey, Mexico, and Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Spain hosting this event could be a hidden key to another part of the Pokemon future. The upcoming Scarlet and Violet, are supposed to take place in a region inspired by Spain and Portugal.

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