Ninjala’s Next Collaboration Is With Manga And Anime Series Jujutsu Kaisen

The ninth season of Ninjala is just around the corner, and players are gearing up to find out what’s in the next free update. Today, GungHo Online Entertainment announced that things will kick off with their next major collaboration, with a manga and anime series Jiu-Jitsu Kaisen. During the collaboration, which will last from March 10 00:00 PT / 08:00 GMT to April 13 18:59 PT / April 14 02:59 PT, novice ninjutsu users will be able to access a wide range of outfits to make their ninja look like their favorite characters from the popular Sh┼Źnen Jump series.

These 12 costumes will include costumes for Yuuji Itadori, Mahito, and fan-favorite character Satoru Gojo. Given Gojo’s reputation as someone who enjoys being childish and playful, we can imagine that some other characters would enjoy defeating anyone dressed as him. There will also be outfits for Ryomen Sukuna and Suguru Geto, a curse user, special level Cursed Objects that you can get through the gacha.

Other gacha items will also be available, such as a special ninja rubber band based on several well-known weapons, as well as two Utsusemi rubber bands inspired by Tsukamoto and Katie’s show mascots. This is just a small part of what awaits jiu-jitsu Kaisen fans on March 10th dev diary goes even deeper. It’s safe to say that there is something to worry about.

Image: Gungho online entertainment

However, the focus of the broadcast was not only popular series. With the release of Season 9, Ninjala will also introduce the Ninja Gum Lab, the highly anticipated WNA Resort, and a new Shinobi map called “Turnabout Guard”. No, this is not the case of Phoenix Wright, which reduces all types of damage your character takes when their health falls below a certain level.

The Ninja Gum Lab is exactly what it sounds like – a place where you can spend medals to research the different types of Ninja Gum you collect during skirmishes. This increases your chewing gum’s stats such as damage, shorter cooldowns, and other benefits that will help you gain an edge in combat. There will also be a Commemorative Campaign for the first two weeks after the Lab opens, rewarding you with medals that can be spent simply by logging in, as well as other perks.

There will also be a “Ninja Starter Campaign” that should encourage new players to join the fight and grab some gum, which will run from the launch of Season 9 until April 13 at 6:59 pm PT.

Ugh! That’s a lot for you to chew on. You can get even more details about the evening by visiting Ninjala’s official website.

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