Nintendo Becomes the Latest Gaming Giant to Stop Sales in Russia

Editor’s note: The war in Ukraine is a constant, painful, and emotional topic. IGN encourages members of the community to behave respectfully when discussing this topic and does not condone harassment of any kind.

Nintendo has suspended all deliveries to Russia for the “foreseeable future” but has not publicly supported Ukraine.

In a statement provided to IGN, the gaming giant said the rapidly changing circumstances surrounding the export and sale of its products in Russia forced it to do so, meaning it is not doing so explicitly in support of Ukraine, as many other companies have done.

Update: Asked by IGN if the company would support Ukraine, a Nintendo spokesperson said, “We would like to express our concern for all those affected by the conflict.”


Nintendo told IGN: “We have decided to suspend shipments of all Nintendo products to Russia for the foreseeable future. This is due to the significant instability in the logistics of delivery and distribution of physical goods.”

Every Nintendo game in development

Both PlayStation and Xbox have suspended sales of their consoles and software in Russia. Unlike Nintendo, they did so with explicit statements of support for Ukraine in the current war.

At the same time, the companies responded to a call from the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, who asked “all game developers” to temporarily stop support in Russia and Belarus.

We have a guide on how to help the civilian population of Ukraine, which includes a number of humanitarian charities that use donations to help in the country.

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