No Smash Bros. Ultimate At Evo 2022 Because Of Nintendo

Brothers Super Smash. will not be presented for Evo 2022, the biggest fighting game event of the year. Owned by Sony Esports organization reports missing fighter platformer in a statement on twitter today and appears to have blamed the decision on Nintendo, which has historically tried to tightly control how its games are presented in the wild.

After it became known that the full list of games that will be played at Evo 2022 will be announced live on March 8 on Twitch, the organization preempts Questions about Smash brothers. having said in advance that it will not be included. “We would like to inform you in advance that Brothers Super Smash. will not appear again, ”wrote the organizers of Evo. Since 2007, we have seen historical Super Smash Bros. moments created at Evo events. We are saddened that Nintendo has decided not to continue this legacy with us this year.”

Evo was online-only last year due to the pandemics well as canceled in 2020 due to allegations of abuse. Before that, Smash Bros. close combat and Ultimate were featured at the 2019 event. Hand-to-hand combat, and later Smash Bros. Wii U, have become staples of a series of tournaments each year, resulting in some competitive matches and moments that are now considered important moments in the history of esports along with the legendary legacy of fighting game series such as Street Fighter.

However, Nintendo hasn’t always been kind to the Evo. Creator Mario shamefully tried to turn off in close combat Evo Tournament 2013and was adamant about not allowing the tournament to be broadcast live. Smash brothers. Matches. However, after massive backlash from fans and players, the company eventually relented.

March 2021 Sony announced the purchase of Evo. And last November, Nintendo announced a partnership with Panda Global to post your own Smash brothers. competitive scheme. It is unclear whether these events played a role in this decision. Sony, Nintendo, and Evo did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Evo 2022 would be the first time Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could be presented at the event with all available downloadable characters. Three years after its release last October, Nintendo announced that Kingdom Hearts sora will be the 86th and last fighter in the game.

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