No, that isn’t a Thundercats reference in Turning Red

 Blushes at the moment when one character picks up a sword with a very familiar design, the center of which is on a large red round stone on the crossbar.

But blushes Director Domi Shi says that any resemblance comes only from how both thunder cats and blushes draw on the same influences and iconography. “It’s just a tribute to anime in general, not specifically thunder cats!” she told Polygon in an interview before the film’s release. “But this very resembling thunder cats.“Throughout the film, you will see this combination of Western and Eastern styles of animation,” Shi told Polygon. “At that point, in the third act of the film, we raised the anime to 11 because it was an action-packed, emotional, exciting, dramatic moment, and it was just the perfect opportunity to get that epic ray of light. I love how it activates right on the beat. It is very nice”.

The beam of light is also unlike anything else in blushes because it includes flat 2D overlays to enhance the 3D CGI of the rest of the movie. Credit to Shea and producer Lindsey Collins Pixar animator Rob Thompson with the development of the appearance of this particular effect. “They drew it all in all the proofs [of this scene], on top of the beams, trying to put this 2D element on it,” says Collins. “It was enjoyable.”

Shea says that part of what gave her the confidence to style the film the way she wanted and draw inspiration from her favorite anime was her work on the 2019 Pixar project. Barwon the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Bao elicited a strange reaction in theaters from audiences who did not understand its symbolism or meaning, but it also received a strong positive response. Shea took advantage of both of these reactions when she decided to make blushes culturally and personally, knowing that people will see different things in it and interpret it differently, but in any case, will get a robust response.

Bao gave me the confidence to push it blushes and take a big creative risk that I don’t think I would have taken without Bao,” Shi says. “It gave me the desire to get a reaction – a big, big, shocking reaction from the public. I chased that dragon again, and we were able to catch it. blushes“.

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