Nvidia may sell 3000 series GPUs alongside next gen

The acute shortage of chips, combined with the demands of crypto mining, has been a significant blow to graphics cards over the past few years. Getting a decent one in the past few years has been nearly impossible, and those who have been able to do so have often paid outrageous rates. Given that the shortage is about to diminish, it might seem like zeal for the next generation at full speed is a good move, but Nvidia is thinking about keeping some of those older cards.

During the event for investors (seen PC Mag), Nvidia CFO Collette Kress was asked about next-generation products, particularly future GPUs. Kress talked a bit about what we can expect from the new side but mentioned that the 3000 series GPUs might stay to be sold alongside the next generation.

“Even during this period of COVID and supply restrictions, it was interesting because it gave us the opportunity for games to continue to sell both the current generation (RTX 3000) and the Turing generation (RTX 2000 series),” Kress said. . “So we’re doing this to give our players more and more options. And we may see something similar in the future.”

Last year, Nvidia announced a redesign of some 2000-series cars with upgraded RAM. It was a bit of an odd move back then, but it aimed to satisfy the hype in demand for gaming GPUs. We were hoping for good cheap upgrades to the 2000 series, but instead, we were greeted with slightly more expensive options than we had expected.

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With the hope that the next generation of cards will be launched without massive shortages and high demands, there is some light that things might be different this time around. The 3000 series cards could be reasonably priced if a much more powerful flagship comes out simultaneously.

Considering we haven’t seen the RTX 3090 Ti since its announcement earlier this year, it could be out just a few months before the next generation. We expect this card to be very limited in supply, but with all this talk, Nvidia may put enough production on. Perhaps we will see a limited number at launch and more when the next generation comes out. In any case, it at least looks like there will be GPUs of some sort available in the future, something to look forward to.


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