Nvidia to give away 8 RTX 3090s during GTC

While we all hope to see an end to the GPU shortage, that’s not all. GPUs are hard to come by, perfect ones, and while prices have begun to go back to earth, they are still hanging in the air rather than going back to MSRP. Many are still trying to get their hands on a suitable card like the RTX 3090, but you can win it for free if you make it to the 2022 Nvidia Graphics Conference.

According to Video cards, It will give at least eight RTX 3090s to GTC members this month. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang will sign them, and the only entry requirement is attendance at the conference. Hopefully, the point is that she will be in the fight for the map. This year’s conference will be primarily online, and you can register here.

There are many exciting topics to discuss for those interested in the conference. To move on to a few, Nvidia will talk about its digital twin model for climate change, look at the idea of ​​a metaverse, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The schedule page allows you to sort by session type, audience type, and level. After studying category 101 / getting started, I first noticed creating a photorealistic ramen shop in Omniversewhich is worth watching to win the RTX 3090.

This is a bit of an odd giveaway, given that the RTX 3090 Ti is due out by the end of this month after several delays. The 3090 is one of the best cards you can’t buy, so it’s by no means a bad prize, but it just seems like an odd choice from Nvidia. It’s also the main RTX 3090 Founders edition card, which means no bells and whistles. This is the simplest version of this beast card, other than the cute CEO autograph.

The Nvidia GTC conference will run from March 21-24, and the keynote will take place on March 22, so if you want to win a good GPU or try some cool technology, be sure to register soon.

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