Nvidia’s DLSS source code leaked by hackers

It will take some time for Nvidia to fully analyze the impact of the massive cyberattack it suffered over the weekend. The hackers have stolen about 1TB of sensitive data, and Nvidia worries that the leaks could continue if ransom demands from the groups are not met.

The latest leak was through an anonymous user who sent TechPowerUp screenshot of DLSS 2.2 related file storage. The leak includes various C++ files, resources, and even a programming guide aimed at developers integrating DLSS into their games.

The leak was a major blow to Nvidia as DLSS is proprietary and obviously cutting edge technology. AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology works differently, and there’s little stopping AMD from perusing these documents in the hopes of learning Nvidia’s secrets. However, the implementation of any of them is a different matter from a legal point of view.

DLSS is arguably Nvidia’s most important gaming technology, especially in later versions. It delivers impressive framerate gains while sacrificing very little image quality. These files are not what he would like to see in the public domain.

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The DLSS source code leak is the latest leak after a recent cyberattack. The group has already unveiled the names of Nvidia’s next-generation GPUs. We already knew about Ada Lovelace’s consumer-facing architecture and Hopper’s professional architecture, but there’s also Blackwell, which could be another enterprise-level family. It’s just a name, but its leak serves as a serious blow to the bow for Nvidia.

The group has threatened to release more information if Nvidia does not remove the Ethereum hash rate limiter. It seems like a pretty unlikely move, but who knows what could happen. Nvidia may not want really sensitive information to come out.


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