Observer developer halts sales in Russia and Belarus

Bloober Team, the developer of games such as Observer, Blair Witch, Layers of Fear, and Medium, has withdrawn their games from Steam in Russia and Belarus. “This action is not intended as retribution to the inhabitants of these regions, but as a statement against the war,” the company said.

This move follows a similar move by another Polish developer, CD Projekt. In addition to US and European government sanctions, various banks and payment systems have also suspended their activities in Russia.

Dear Community, (1/5) As Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine continues, killing defenders and civilians alike, we at the Bloober Team have decided to stop selling our games in Russia and Belarus across all platforms. #BlooberTeam #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar pic. 3, 2022

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Bloomberg says that while his decision “may affect many Russian and Belarusian players who are not involved in this invasion”, he believes that “every step that can help stop the war is worth it.” By withdrawing its games from sale in Russia, the company hopes to express “full solidarity with the Ukrainian people” and put “pressure on Russian and Belarusian public opinion.”

While some game studios are expressing their opposition to the war by suspending sales, others are being directly affected by it. Stalker 2 developer GSC Game Worlds is directly in the war zone and suspended its activities in the interests of the safety of its employees, while publisher Ubisoft helped its Ukrainian employees with advance payments and housing assistance.

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