Over 500,000 People Attempted Destiny 2’s Vow Of The Disciple Raid On Day One

Raise your eyes, Guardians, because the future of Destiny 2 looks bright. Not only has the latest addition to the popular MMO, The Witch Queen, been hailed as one of the greatest additions to ever hit a game, but Bungie has also now confirmed Vow of the Disciple, the latest raid in the game, has officially broken the record for the most attempted first day.

According to the latest This week in a Bungie post, over half a million players attempted the Apprentice Oath on the first day, a game-high. “We have seen a record number of players attempting a blind run, diving headfirst into a fight with no guide or clear path in sight,” Bungie wrote. “To say that those who participated did an incredible job is a massive understatement.”

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Of course, not every player who tried to take on the challenge won. Of those 546,600 players, only 32,600 could complete the entire raid or roughly 6%. Among the 6% were six members of the Elysium clan, the first clan to emerge victoriously. While this victory is a victory in itself, the Elysium clan also earned another reward with this triumph: they became the first-ever Raid Champion in a row.

That said, even if your time in the raid doesn’t earn you a spot in the top, you can still order some pretty cool Destiny 2 loot to complete it. All players who complete the Apprentice’s Oath raid by March 15 at 10:00 AM PT will be able to purchase in memory of this event. The stylish parka costs a hefty $150 but comes with many cool features like the ability to fold into a small bag and some pretty roomy pockets. Qualified Destiny 2 players can place their order anytime through March 31 via Bangui’s shop.

For those craving even more information on how Destiny 2’s latest raid went, below is the complete breakdown of Vow of the Disciple’s 48-hour stats:

  • Total players included in the attack: 546 616
  • Players who have completed the acquisition: 270 648
  • Players who have completed the Overseer: 131 550
  • Players who have passed the Exhibition: 80 153
  • Unique players who completed the full raid: 32 621
  • Total Enemy Hits: 1 005 850 547
  • Total Guardian deaths: 70 067 705
  • Total Hours Spent in Student’s Pledge Mode: 4 223 843

Completed a raid and need help putting it together; what exactly? Be sure to read our clarification on the Disciple’s Vow. And don’t forget, a new weekend means Xur has new items to sell! Here’s where you can find it and what we recommend you pick up.

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