Parents of Trans Teen Sue Texas to Stop Investigations

The parents of a Texas transgender teenager have filed a lawsuit to prevent state agencies from investigating reports of gender reassignment procedures for children as cases of possible child abuse. The parents, identified as John and Jane Doe, and their child, identified as Mary Doe, speak in a complaint that an investigator from the State Child Protective Service came to their home on 25 February and requested permission to access Mary’s medical records. The family said they refused.

The investigator said there was only one allegation against the parents, that their trans daughter may have been given gender-confirming medical care and passed from male to female, the complaint said.

“We are horrified for the health and well-being of Mary and for our family. I feel betrayed by the state and the agency I work for,” Mary Doe said in the complaint. She works for the Texas Department of Family Welfare Services and is currently on paid leave.

“Their (defendants’) actions have caused terror and dismay among transgender youth and their families throughout the Lone Star State and have subjected transgender youth and their families to discrimination and harassment,” the complaint states.

Doe’s complaint, filed in the Travis County District Court in Houston, seeks an injunction to prevent state agencies from acting on Gov. Greg Abbott’s order to investigate reports of “gender approval” procedures. Are they “saying” that Abbott’s order violates the state constitution and the rights of transgender youth.

Megan Mooney, a Houston-based psychologist who works with transgender people, is also a plaintiff. The defendants are Abbott, Texas DFPS Commissioner Jamie Allen, and the department itself. The state government did not respond to New York Times to talk about the trial.

Abbott posted last week’s letter. The DFPS was directed to “conduct a prompt and thorough investigation into any reported instances of these abusive procedures in the State of Texas.” The letter states that prohibited “sex reassignment” treatments include sex reassignment surgery, removal of body parts, and administration of puberty-blocking drugs or supraphysiological doses of testosterone or estrogen. Supraphysiological means more than what seems natural.

Abbott said he was acting in response to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s recent opinion that “a number of so-called gender reassignment procedures constituted child abuse under current Texas law.” Abbott’s order stated that people who are required by law to report child abuse could be prosecuted, including doctors, nurses, and teachers.

Time noted that Paxton’s opinion and Abbott’s order came right before the Texas primary on March 1 and that every politician faces competition from far-right opponents. Time said the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas and Lambda Legal filed suit in favor of the family.

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