Pinball FX3’s New Indiana Jones DLC Is Now Available, But It’s Kind Of Pricey

A digital remaster of the classic Indiana Jones pinball table debuted yesterday at Pinball FX3 and while many appreciate the effort, much of the gaming community isn’t exactly happy with the asking price of this new DLC.

For just one table, fans are asking to fork out $14.99 / £13.49. While Pinball FX3 is a free-to-download game, the desktop DLC in the game usually doesn’t cost that much. In an official social media statement, Zen Studios explained that they simply wanted to give fans the most “authentic experience” possible.

“We wanted to give you the most authentic experience possible, with original music, sounds and rules on the table just like on a real machine.”

Experience the table in a new way with 3D effects in the “Advanced” version, including a new image, ball trailer effects, particle effects and Indiana Jones with a whip.

Play at home, with friends or compete online in single player, local multiplayer, challenges and tournaments.

Are any pinball players on Nintendo Life planning to get it? Leave a comment below.

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