PlayStation’s Mega March Sale Is Live Now With Hundreds Of PS5 And PS4 Game Deals

The PlayStation Mega March Sale has already begun

Offering big discounts on popular titles such as Madden NFL 22, guardians of the galaxy, Sims 4and hundreds of other games. The sale ends March 30th, so save while you can. In addition to the Mega March sale, PlayStation launched another Promotion “Games up to 20 USD” with over 300 transactions. The noose of death There have been plenty of discounts throughout 2022, and you’ll find it again for $30 during the PlayStation Mega March Sale. The stylish first-person shooter won Game of the Year 2021 and is highly recommended thanks to its new low price.


Arkham Knight Premium Edition is also on sale – and a great option for people ready to return to Gotham after watching Batman. The Premium Edition includes a ton of additional content, including new story missions, more supervillains, and a variety of in-game cosmetics. Resident Evil fans can find Resident Evil Triple Pack available for just $20, up from $60. The bundle includes Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil 6, making it easy to get familiar with the series.

There are over 200 games featured in the March Mega Sale. Be sure to check out the full catalog, but we’ve compiled a list of the best deals below.

Best deals on PlayStation Store

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