Pokemon Legends: Arceus Hairstyles Guide – How to Get Every Hairstyle (With Pictures)

Personalization in Pokemon Legends: Arceus includes eclectic hairstyles and bright hair colors, as well as a variety of outfits that should appeal to a variety of heroes. However, you can’t preview hair as you can with clothing, which can be awkward for players trying to experiment with their looks. You can only view hairstyles after paying 500 Poke for a haircut. Even worse, you can’t back down if you decide you like your hair the way it is. Ultimately, 500 Poke isn’t much to waste, but spending that money out of curiosity is still annoying. As such, this guide is meant to showcase the different hairstyles and hair colors you can get. Here’s how to unlock each of these hairstyles, as well as a preview of what they look like so you know what you’re getting into before you pay for a new style.

How to unlock all hairstyles in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

After finishing his business in the Crimson Swamps, Arezu moves to the village of Jubilife to learn hairdressing from an old barber. She introduces several new hairstyles and colors when she replaces her mentor. However, the rest must be unlocked through certain requests.

Arezu asks the player to complete two requests during her entire stay in Jubilife:

  • Request 59: Misdreavus, hair muse – Arezu asks Misdreavous to inspire him for new hairstyles. These fine-haired Pokémon can be found swimming in the Coronet Mountains after dark. Bring Ares the Misdreavus to unlock four new hairstyles and colors.
  • Request 75: Kirliya, muse of hairstyles – Arezu asks for another Pokémon. This time its Kirlia. Players can either evolve Ralt (found in Crimson Swamps or Alabaster Icelands) or catch Kirlia directly from Heart Rock in Alabaster Iceland.

These requests should unlock every possible hairstyle for your character. The male and female protagonists have different hairstyles. Unfortunately, players will not be able to get exclusive male and female. However, both genders have access to the same hair colors.

Men’s Hairstyles

Women’s Hairstyles

Hair Colors

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